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Overview - Solar Power - Your own roof - Government incentives - Financial attractiveness - Go solar yourself

Choosing for solar panels on your roof has several strong benefits:

  • It is financially attractive for homeowners due to tax-free and inflation adjusted government incentives.
  • It generates 100% green electricity for free that you can use in your own house.
  • You will have a reduced carbon footprint for your family.
  • It is an opportunity to further improve the energy efficiency of your house.  
  • Your solar panels will have a long lifetime and require very little maintenance.
  • And it is an investment that increases the value of your house.

But going solar can be a difficult decision because:

  • It involves a rather unknown product and a significant amount of initial investment.
  • The long-term financial returns depend partially on assumptions.
  • The system has an impact on how your house looks.
  • There are hundreds of solar panel manufacturers, producing thousands of different panels.
  • The panels are installed by over 4000 independent solar installers across the UK. 

Hence it is important to find the right solar system from the right installer. Not only should the price of the solar system matter, but also the quality and warranty of materials, and the experience and accreditations of the solar installer.

CompareMySolar is here to help you go solar:

  • We offer an online tool that walks you through the orientation phase of going solar.
  • Every interested consumer receives free personal phone advice from us.
  • We only use the relevant details of your own roof, and systems from local installers.
  • We offer extensive background information about solar energy, focused on residential rooftop solar photovoltaic systems. 

Use the next chapters of our solar education to learn about solar power and photovoltaic systems in general, about how certain details of your roof will impact the electricity outputs of your solar system, about the government incentives and financial attractiveness of solar in the UK, and about the process of going solar and how CompareMySolar can help.

You can download and print this entire guide in .pdf format here or select a chapter below: